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How it works

Own, Protect, and Reinvest

With SquareBySquare, we can make a real impact on rainforest conservation through a simple, four-step process. Each step leads seamlessly to the next, creating a continuous cycle of protection and growth. Every action we take helps protect vital ecosystems and ensures a sustainable future. Join us in this ongoing effort to save the rainforest, one square at a time.


We acquire precious rainforest areas


We divide it into small, affordable squares


You invest in these squares


Profits are used to protect more land

Why it matters

What if you could directly fight deforestation and make a real impact?

Rainforests are vanishing rapidly, endangering biodiversity, worsening climate change, and depleting carbon sinks.

SquareBySquare enables you to own the rainforest, directly combatting these threats and making a tangible difference where it matters the most.

Where it's happening

Welcome to the Cassowary Connection Nature Refuge

"SquareBySquare enabled us to easily buy and gift a token of value that represents a piece of an actual rainforest."

"It's a wonderful symbol, a way to help the planet, and potentially a way to store economic value in one of the world's most valuable assets: land."

Jeroen Boersma, Ex-Google

About Cassowary

The ~25ha property is part of a significant biodiversity corridor for the movement of the endangered Southern Cassowary between the coastline and Djiru National Park in the World Heritage Wet Tropics.

The vegetation on the property is part of the largest contiguous block of lowland rainforest south of the Daintree River and vital to numerous flora and fauna species.

About us

SquareBySquare — Where Donor becomes Owner


What we're doing

We’re dedicated to revolutionizing rainforest conservation through innovative technology. With a team experienced in technology and sustainability, we’re transforming how conservation is done.


Why we're doing it

We believe that by empowering people to own a piece of the planet, we can collectively work towards its preservation and appreciate its value — both ecological and economic.


Who it's for

SquareBySquare is for eco-conscious individuals and businesses who want to make a tangible impact on the environment while potentially gaining from the economic value of land.


Who's behind it

Our founder, Henk Kleynhans, is a seasoned leader with a robust track record of success. He brings a wealth of experience and credibility gained from his previous collaborations.

Henk Kleynhans

Henk Kleynhans

Henk's partnerships with Qantas, Atlassian, and Salesforce have honed his skills in innovation and business development. With unique insights and expertise, he leads Square by Square in pioneering new ways to combine technology with environmental conservation.

Ingi Deutschländer

Ingi Deutschländer

Ingi has a rich background in arts, design and education and ensures authentic and consistent user experiences. Passionate about client success and driven by positive impact, Ingi is a natural mentor and a key force in advancing our mission.


Frequently asked Questions

What is SquareBySquare?

SquareBySquare is a platform that enables individuals and businesses to purchase affordable, tradable parcels of rainforest land, directly contributing to conservation efforts.

How does the process work?

The process is simple: we acquire valuable rainforest land, divide it into small, affordable parcels, and you purchase these parcels to support conservation. Profits are reinvested to buy more land.

What are the benefits of owning a parcel of rainforest land?

By owning a parcel, you help protect biodiversity, combat deforestation, and unlock the natural capital value of the land. You may also see potential financial returns as land values increase.

How is the land divided and managed?

The land is divided into small, ownable squares. Each parcel is managed through our secure, transparent online marketplace, ensuring legal transparency and security.

Can I trade or sell my parcel?

Yes, the parcels are tradable, allowing you to sell or trade your land through our platform, making it a flexible and potentially profitable investment.

How does SquareBySquare benefit businesses?

Businesses can enhance their corporate social responsibility profiles, engage customers and employees, and demonstrate a commitment to environmental goals by investing in rainforest conservation.

What makes SquareBySquare different from others?

Unlike traditional conservation efforts, our platform allows you to own, trade, and benefit from your conservation investments with full legal transparency and security.

How does my purchase help the planet?

Every purchase helps secure more land for conservation, reducing deforestation, preserving biodiversity, and maintaining essential carbon sinks to combat climate change.

Who can participate in SquareBySquare?

Anyone can participate, whether you are an individual looking to make a personal impact or a business aiming to enhance its sustainability efforts.

How does SquareBySquare ensure the security of my investment?

Our platform operates with full legal transparency and security, ensuring that your investment is protected and managed responsibly.

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