Own a piece of the rainforest

Now you can own a piece of nature and protect it forever.
Keep it, gift it, or sell it at any time.
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the processs

How it works

SquareBySquare makes it simple for you to contribute to rainforest conservation. Here's a quick look at our straightforward process that turns your investment into real, sustainable impact.


We Identify At-Risk Land

We start by locating private land that is at risk due to its proximity to development. These areas are crucial for conservation as they are often the most vulnerable to deforestation and environmental degradation.


We Divide the Land into Squares

These squares are then made available for purchase on our website, allowing individuals and businesses to buy and own a piece of the rainforest.


Profits are Reinvested for Further Conservation

This creates a sustainable cycle of conservation, where each purchase contributes to the ongoing effort to secure land and protect it from development.

Why it matters

What if you could directly fight deforestation and make a real impact?

Rainforests are vanishing rapidly, endangering biodiversity, worsening climate change, and depleting carbon sinks.

SquareBySquare enables you to own the rainforest, directly combatting these threats and making a tangible difference where it matters the most.

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How this benefits you & the environment

By engaging with SquareBySquare, you not only make a significant impact on rainforest conservation and global environmental health but also gain personal, financial, community, social, technological, health, ethical, and moral benefits. Your involvement supports biodiversity, combats climate change, aids local communities, and offers a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

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Personal Benefits

Leave a lasting environmental legacy for future generations.

Feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for a piece of the rainforest.

Experience a sense of satisfaction and purpose by contributing to conservation.

Financial Benefits

Potential for financial returns as the value of conserved land increases.

Possible tax deductions for charitable contributions to conservation efforts.

Benefit from the potential appreciation of land value over time.


Support efforts to stabilise the global climate by maintaining rainforests as carbon sinks.

Safeguard habitats for countless plant and animal species.

Help absorb CO2 and combat climate change.

Community Benefits

Create jobs and support local economies through conservation activities.

Promote environmental education and awareness within local communities.

Aid in sustainable development projects that benefit local communities living in and around the rainforest.

Social Benefits

Play an active role in advocating for rainforest protection and environmental sustainability.

Connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for conservation.

Receive recognition for your contributions to conservation efforts.

Ethical Benefits

Be a steward of the Earth, ensuring that natural resources are preserved for future generations.

Fulfil a moral and ethical responsibility to protect the planet.

Promote sustainable practices and support long-term environmental health.


What others say

Our supporters share their experiences with SquareBySquare. Learn how their contributions are helping to protect the rainforest and why they believe in our mission.

Julie Davis

"I am so impressed by the initiative you are bringing to the market. It is such a massive contribution to the future of our beautiful country."

Julie Davis, Agent Dynamics
Jeroen B, Ex-Google

"SquareBySquare enabled us to easily buy and gift a token of value that represents a piece of an actual rainforest."

"It's a wonderful symbol, a way to help the planet, and potentially a way to store economic value in one of the world's most valuable assets: land."

Jeroen Boersma, Ex-Google
Sherrie Storor

"I so love SquareBySquare! I’ve already gifted my first square and would love to have one myself. Especially in North Queensland! Thank you for building this platform for the environment and for consumers."

Sherrie Storor, Real Estate Coach
Sherrie Storor

"SquareBySquare offers a fantastic opportunity for everyone to own and protect our land. Your groundbreaking platform is set to make a real difference for our planet!"

Helen Vance, Advance HQ