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At SquareBySquare, our model is designed so that every stakeholder not only contributes to rainforest conservation but also gains tangible benefits. From individual participants to global businesses, landowners, and the planet itself, our approach ensures that everyone involved wins.

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Imagine owning a piece of the rainforest and directly engaging in conservation efforts. You can make a real impact on preserving biodiversity while enjoying the personal fulfillment that comes with it. Plus, as land values grow over time, you have the potential for financial return. Join us and be a part of something bigger.


Your business can lead the way in corporate social responsibility through sustainable investments. By partnering with SquareBySquare, you boost your brand reputation, engage your customers and employees, and show a strong commitment to global environmental goals. Make a lasting impact on the planet and your business.


Protect your land and your livelihood with SquareBySquare. We offer financial incentives to preserve your rainforest instead of developing it. This sustainable approach not only supports you but also maintains the ecological integrity of your property. Join us in ensuring long-term benefits for both you and the environment.

Conservation Agencies

Expand your conservation efforts with our support. By collaborating with SquareBySquare, you gain access to additional funding and a global community backing your projects. Secure more land for protection and enhance your impact. Together, we can achieve more.