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What we're doing

We’re dedicated to revolutionizing rainforest conservation through innovative technology. With a team experienced in technology and sustainability, we’re transforming how conservation is done.


Why we're doing it

We believe that by empowering people to own a piece of the planet, we can collectively work towards its preservation and appreciate its value — both ecological and economic.


Who it's for

SquareBySquare is for eco-conscious individuals and businesses who want to make a tangible impact on the environment while potentially gaining from the economic value of land.


Who's behind it

Our founder, Henk Kleynhans, is a seasoned leader with a robust track record of success. He brings a wealth of experience and credibility gained from his previous collaborations.

About us

our team

Meet our passionate team, Henk and Ingi. Henk, with his extensive experience in innovation and strategic business development, leads SquareBySquare with a vision for leveraging technology to combat deforestation and climate change. Ingi, our digital marketing expert, brings her diverse background in arts, education, and NGO work to create authentic and impactful conservation campaigns. Together, they drive our mission to protect the rainforest and inspire meaningful environmental action.

Henk Kleynhans

Henk Kleynhans

Henk's partnerships with Qantas, Atlassian, and Salesforce have honed his skills in innovation and business development. With unique insights and expertise, he leads SquareBySquare in pioneering new ways to combine technology with environmental conservation.

Ingi Deutschländer

Ingi Deutschländer

Ingi has a rich background in arts, design, marketing and education and ensures authentic and consistent user experiences. Passionate about client success and driven by positive impact, Ingi is a natural mentor and a key force in advancing our mission.